Angry Birds Full released for the Nokia N9

Angry Birds full has just been released for the Nokia N9. This will make many very happy, who previously had to use the half-hearted Angry Birds Magic, and resort to using ForeverAlone to unlock levels.


It is a full release, which means every level that you would usually get on a tablet / android / iPhone is all included.All 288 levels (or so, I have a life, which means I can't be certain of this number :P ).

Grab it from the Nokia Store application on your phone, under the "Games" section, or from here: http://store.ovi.com/content/210809?clickSource=search&pos=1 . It isn't free, depending where you live, may cost a couple of dollars.

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  1. Chad Diederichs

    Strange how this game takes SOOOO long to load (at least on my N9) after you click on the icon.

    Watched it start up in the X terminal and it turns out that Angry Birds is initializing the NFC componants and setting it to listen. This, coupled with some bad syntax (it just fails over without certain attributes availabe, no big deal) seems to contribute to the long load time.

    Real question is, what NFC functionality did the devs put into Angry Birds on the N9? Maybe they kept the enhancemnts from the "with magic" version, but this is not referenced in any user facing portions of the game…

  2. baptx

    Yeah, app is searching for NFC and takes a while to start if not enabled. Hope Rovio will correct it.
    This version is free on Android, it should be on MeeGo too

    (mod edit: we don't support piracy . part of comment removed)

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