Change the clock color and the icon color on the Nokia N9 Standby Screen

I was browsing maemo.org this morning and came across a mod that I debated doing, then decided to go through with.

The clock color mod, I will show you how to make your clock red, like in the image for this post.

I will go over those directions again, just in case anyone doesn't want to go back through the posts we've made to find them.




cd /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libsysuid-screenlock-nokia/style/

nano libsysuid-screenlock-nokia.css

scroll down till you see the line that says color under LockScreen MLabelStyle#LockScreenLowPowerModeClockLabel

delete the value and replace it with #ff0000 for red, if you want other colors change the colors value to:

  • #ff0000 – Red
  • #ffffff – white
  • #00ffff – cyan
  • #ff00ff – magenta
  • #ffff00 – yellow
  • #00ffff – blue
  • #00ff00 – green
  • #000000 – black

I have only tested out red, so I am not sure of what other colors actually work or don't.

then after you've changed that value Ctrl X.

then y and enter

Then reboot, your clock will show up as red now.

Then there is the icons file.

Here you need to download this file.

Unzip the file.

Drop it into your MyDocs Folder.

in terminal:



cd /home/user/MyDocs

cp -R icons /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/

then reboot and you'll have the status bar Icons.


Any comments or questions on this article can be posted below.

Please note: Prior to undertaking any modification detailed above, understand that there are risks involved. Whilst every modification has been tested to work on the author's Nokia N9, there are no guarantees it will work on a different Nokia N9 or other mobile phone. EverythingN9 will not take responsibility for any effects of a mod, including hardware or software damage, telecommunication charges, or legal implications.

About the author


I'm a Nokia Enthusiast. I've been involved with Nokia since the N95 days. I have been modding Symbian/Maemo/Meego-Harmattan phones since 2007. My first phone was the N95, how I loved that mistaken flagship of Nokia, what a great piece of technology. Then I moved onto the E66-NAM, it was a small quick phone, but not really memorable. Then came the Samsung I8510 (still symbian) That's where my modding and flashing bug started. I probably flashed that phone over 100 times, I was known as Deroo and was a moderator on the I8510 forums. Then came the N97. I wasn't a fan of that phone. It lasted over a month with me. Then back to the I8510. My next phone was an N900. That's when the modding bug really hit me. I had done so much with Maemo that I was certain that I knew how to deal with it. I ended up moving on for the N8 and it's 12mp camera. Up next was the E7, I had that phone for a month and sold it for next to nothing, it wasn't a bad phone, it just wasn't great either. Now I'm back to the N8 and it's running a custom firmware version of Symbian Belle, I currently only use it as a MP3 player in the gym now. The next step is the N9 and all of my experiences and journey's will be documented on this site. I also have an N950.


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  1. Marius

    That is really cool, thanks :D

  2. hiwa

    hi,i have nokia n9 and i want to change the clock colour to orange accent but i dont know the code pls hlp.tnx

    1. Arie

      The code for orange is #ff6600

  3. Anonymous

    When I type this 'cd /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libsysuid-screenlock-nokia/style/' in Terminal.
    It says , 'cd /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libsysuid-screenlock-nokia/style' not found,
    Please Help me.

  4. usmann

    cd /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libsysuid-screenlock-nokia/style-not found,
    when i write it in terminal.
    Please help me !

    1. Arie

      That's funny I was just doing this on my N9 too. Are you root? Also is there a space between cd and /usr/share/….

  5. Carlson

    Hi, may i know how to change the notification icons back to their default state?

    1. Arie

      I will get you the file and upload it here, just follow the steps again and they will be default.

      1. Carlson

        Thanks a lot!

  6. Carlson

    Hi, is it possible to revert the icons back to its default state via terminal on developer mode?

    1. Arie

      Yes, after I get the file I'm waiting for from a friend, I will upload it here and post up how to make the icons back to their default state.

  7. Carlson

    Hi Arie, thanks for your reply.

    What i meant is that is it possible to make the icons back to their default state without downloading any files?

    I actually quite like the mod but I don't wish to see those icons showing up in my phone's gallery so I decided to make them back to default state.

    1. Arie

      To get the icons to not show up in gallery, find the file called Icons in MyDocs and delete it. That will make them go away and you can keep the new icons.

      1. Carlson

        Really? I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  8. Carlson

    Hi Arie, thanks for your reply.

    I just tried out the way you taught me earlier and it worked! Thanks again for your help.

    By the way would you still post up how to make the icons go back to their default state?

    Hope I'm becoming a nuisance. :-P

  9. Chris W

    Hi, I tried changing clock colour, after putting in nano libsys… I just come to a window saying GNU nano 2.2File:
    Can't do anything with it, and there is nothing to scroll onto.
    Please tell me what i'm doing wrong.

    1. Arie

      Have you cd'd to the right folder?

  10. harrall

    Thanks for a good site! :-)

    Just pointing out that the color code for blue is wrong: should be #0000FF not #00FFFF which is cyan.

  11. Mikko

    I get this:

    sh: nano: not found
    /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libsysuid-screenlock-nokia/style #

    1. Arie

      after devel-su
      do apt-get install nano

  12. Mikko

    Got red cloc now
    But my start screen is now like this (background wont work)


    How to fix it? =S

  13. Mikko

    Sorry for spam but can someone copy/paste list that comes after
    nano libsysuid-screenlock-nokia.css
    so I can check if I miss pressed something to there when scrolled down =S

    And Arie if you are in hurry help me later if you can

  14. Help

    Help! I can't boot to meego anymore :( help please :(

    1. Arie

      Do you know how to flash your N9?

  15. Kaspars

    Hi there! I got nano installed on my N9, but how to edit fle once it's opened – delete,change etc. ? I'm not familiar with nano.


    1. Arie

      Use N9 Quicktweak App, it's so much easier.

  16. Adnan Kamal

    Hi Arie, Thank you very much for the mod… Its great… but can you please tell us the way to get back the icons back to the original color. I like the mod but sometimes i'd like to change my icon colors back to default. thanks again.

  17. Anonymous

    Instructions above are ridiculous. Tried to change clock colour only to get error message after pressing ctrl X and enter.

  18. Anonymous

    ok. I finally was able to change the colour of the standby clock and learned a few things in the process

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