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Whilst there is the excellent Nokia Maps application available on the Nokia N9, sometimes there are just those days when the planets are not in alignment, you've had to resort to using ForeverAlone to unlock Angry Birds Magic levels, and you just have to have Google Maps on the Nokia N9. At this stage there is no specific app to get Google Maps onto your Nokia N9, however there is a workaround. Legoman666 from the Talk.Maemo.org forums has suggested that the web version of Google Maps works, and my own testing shows that whilst it is not as good as a native app, it certainly comes close. Thanks to Legoman666 for this tip!



The original thread is located here: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=79516

To access Google Maps, first open up the "Web" application on your Nokia N9 (I have found that it works best in this). Go to this page: http://www.google.com/maps/m .

Voila. Seems to work well. One can search, zoom, and scroll. If you tap the options button at the top right, and the click "Add to Apps", you can then access this page from the homescreen. Enjoy!


UPDATE: Google have found out about this loophole, and have since closed it for Nokia N9 users in most countries. Still no news on an official client, or anything resembling it, but there are some alternatives, albeit lacking in usability or features.

1. Access http://tomch.com/maemaps.html from the web browser.








2. Install GApp: http://everythingn9.com/gapp-released-for-harmattan/. Once installed, Click "more" at the top right, then Search -> Maps. It is a very dodgy implementation, works about half the time. I couldn't even get a screenshot working.

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  1. DK

    This is great. I was trying to figure out this weekend if there was at least a mobile browser version of google maps. This is still better to search for local business up-to-date than nokia maps. Hope Nokia can release a similar app for that purpose. Like Android, keep the nokia navigation secondary and maps search primary.

  2. martix

    sorry for my English.
    I am in France and when I go to google.com / maps / m
    I am redirected to google.com / m / local
    I was neux Paux not have the mobile version of maps.
    An idea.

  3. Arie

    @martix: I'm in the US and have the same problem. I am busy trying to find a workaround for this at the moment… When I have one, I will post it up right away.

  4. sean

    I want google maps on my N9. When will it be here?!?!?!

  5. Toast

    Not working for me in USA.
    Also tried google.com/maps/m in Opera and it doesnt work.

    1. Shaun

      Unfortunately it appears Google have closed this "loophole". It used to work in Australia, now it doesn't. I've updated the post with some more ideas I've come across, hopefully one of them will work for now.

  6. Ram S

    try cloud gps from ovi store !

  7. 10basetom

    I just found out that by using Firefox and changing the User Agent to "Android Phone", you can access mobile Google Maps again. Wheeee!

    1. Shaun

      not a bad idea. Check out the app "GeePS" in the Nokia Store. Dedicated Google Maps client, some features still pending.

      1. 10basetom

        Hi Shaun, I also have GeePS installed, but I couldn't find a way to route directions using public transit in Singapore (bus/MRT). Also, Google Maps seems more intuitive and faster to use for me.

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