How to Format your Nokia N9 for Faster USB Speeds

I always thought the N9's mass storage was way too slow at transfer speeds, so after a bit of research and a bit of trial and error I've been able to format my N9 (and subsequently N950) to have faster USB transfer speeds.

The Nokia N9's mass storage is formatted to 64kb blocks for transfer.  What does this mean?  This means you will see 8-10mb upload and download speeds on your N9 while transferring things via USB, this is really slow.

We're going to Format the Nokia N9's mass storage to 4kb clusters so we will see 10-14mb transfer rates consistently.

This is not for a beginner user or do I suggest using this if you aren't comfortable flashing with Harmattan Flasher.

I've personally never had luck changing the partitioning except for when I've freshly flashed my N9.

Let's get started:

Again I assume you are using a windows machine.

Download EaseUS partition Master here.

Install that.

Make sure you make a copy of what's in your MyDocs onto your desktop, all of it, because when you're done you need to transfer it back.

Now start it up

First screen:

EaseUS Partition Master Start Screen

This is the first screen you will see.  Click on Go to Main Screen.

This is when you're in the application.  If you notice my N950 is mentioned there too. I am connected in Mass storage mode:

Look for my N950 in the mix, it will be the same with your N9

This is the easy part now right click on the Nokia N9:

This is when you right click on your Nokia N9

Then choose Format partition and this screen will come up, choose 4kb and the rest is fine:

Choose 4kb


Then push ok.

Nothing will happen. Then go to close the app on the top right, this will pop up:

This is telling you an action is pending

Hit yes, then watch, this screen will come up:

This means you did it right

Once this is done transfer everything from your MyDocs back onto your N9 and safely remove it.

Again this is a risky procedure, if you don't know how to flash with harmattan flasher I wouldn't suggest doing this.

Good luck.




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Please note: Prior to undertaking any modification detailed above, understand that there are risks involved. Whilst every modification has been tested to work on the author's Nokia N9, there are no guarantees it will work on a different Nokia N9 or other mobile phone. EverythingN9 will not take responsibility for any effects of a mod, including hardware or software damage, telecommunication charges, or legal implications.

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I'm a Nokia Enthusiast. I've been involved with Nokia since the N95 days. I have been modding Symbian/Maemo/Meego-Harmattan phones since 2007. My first phone was the N95, how I loved that mistaken flagship of Nokia, what a great piece of technology. Then I moved onto the E66-NAM, it was a small quick phone, but not really memorable. Then came the Samsung I8510 (still symbian) That's where my modding and flashing bug started. I probably flashed that phone over 100 times, I was known as Deroo and was a moderator on the I8510 forums. Then came the N97. I wasn't a fan of that phone. It lasted over a month with me. Then back to the I8510. My next phone was an N900. That's when the modding bug really hit me. I had done so much with Maemo that I was certain that I knew how to deal with it. I ended up moving on for the N8 and it's 12mp camera. Up next was the E7, I had that phone for a month and sold it for next to nothing, it wasn't a bad phone, it just wasn't great either. Now I'm back to the N8 and it's running a custom firmware version of Symbian Belle, I currently only use it as a MP3 player in the gym now. The next step is the N9 and all of my experiences and journey's will be documented on this site. I also have an N950.


  1. Richard CHIU

    I am a really amateur N9 owner (64GB version). I recently found I have only 7 GB space left, and deleted my movies using either Windows Explorer or Finder on an iMac while connecting in mass storage mode. HOwever, the free space has not increased at all after deletion. Do you know how I can reclaim the free space? Is deletion through Windows Explorer or Finder problematic and I should use something else (say Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Suite)? Sorry for this irrelevant question (w.r.t. to your article) but I guess you might be willing to help.
    Richard, amateur though enthusiast for N9 all the same.

  2. Metal Dog

    Hi Richard, the problem is not due to the movies you have in the phone. The problem is the phone itself. I had the same problem. When I went to check storage in the phone, it showed only 6gb. And all my movies and mp3 cannot be seen while accessing the phone. If connected to the pc, all the contents were in the phone. Kind of weird. After checking the web for solutions, i finally gave up and went to nokia centre. There they told me, its a bug within the PR1.2 due to the download size of the upgrade. They did update for me. And my phone's internal memory is back to 64gb again. Now i can store numerous videos and mp3.

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