Navigation on the Nokia N9: Taking the scenic route

If you are a Simcity fanatic like myself, you would be epically disappointed with the latest iteration. The Sims in this game seem to take the longest route to their destination a lot of the time, and sometimes they don't even know where they are going. It is kind of like how I feel using the Nokia N9 for turn by turn navigation, it is disappointing. So bad for me, that I've officially gone back to my 5 year old Tom Tom GPS, even though the Nokia N9 is much more convenient.

Maybe it is just me. Maybe living in Brisbane, Australia, has confused Nokia so much, whereas every other Nokia N9 user is unaffected. I'm wondering if this is truly the case though. Navigation takes me to my destination with the most logical and quickest route, 50% of the time. 25% of the time, it takes a route that is MUCH, MUCH longer, or the other 25%, it will take me to an address a fair distance away from where I am supposed to be, sometimes not even the correct street.

Example. I need to get to the other side of Brisbane. I key this into Navigation:

Hmm, not the route I'd take. This is what Google maps thinks:

Quite a large difference. 10 minutes quicker going by the route suggested by Google, and from my own local knowledge, I know this to definitely be a much quicker route. It is also much shorter.

We can see that both Google and Nokia suggest the first part of the route correctly, crossing the river. This is where it gets SO SO confusing. In the following pic, notice the route suggested by Nokia.

The red line is 100km/h for most of the route, up until where it says Nathan. In contrast, to go via where it says Fairfield, Moorooka, Rocklea, then Macgregor, that is all 60km/h zone. In my exoerience, that road (Ipswich Rd) is so incredibly slow with traffic lights anyway. So why would Nokia suggest I take the longer, AND slower route, and not the motorway?This is just one example, I've had this several times.

Example two. I want to go to the local organic butcher. I key in the destination address. There is no butcher in sight at number 95.

The red circle is where the butcher is actually located. I had to look at house numbers to find out that the Nokia Navigation app on the Nokia N9 took me to the horribly wrong location.

Navigation does work…. some of the time. For now, I'm sticking to my Tomtom GPS. And not playing Simcity until Nokia and Maxis merge to try and get their collective acts together. Two wrongs have to make a right (turn), surely?

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Thanks for reading my post. I'm Shaun, a self-confessed phone enthusiast (addict) who has owned various phones, including a SE k800i, Nokia e71, Nokia N900, HTC HD2, Nokia Lumia 800, and the Nokia N9. I work for a Medical Software company, and lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for many years. I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. Follow Arie and I on Twitter: @EverythingN9 or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EverythingN9


  1. Other Shaun

    Maybe it's an Australian thing. Generally I find maps on my N9 pretty good compared to Google Maps in the UK.

    Where it is let down however is in the search which is far to picky about spelling and doesn't have the huge POI database Google seems to have.

    Also, have you updated to the latest maps? I had to delete my local country in the Maps application before it would let me install the latest updated maps which came out in the last month or so.

  2. Simon McSimon

    As a fellow Brisbanite, I can confirm your frustrations. I find it gets the estimated time to destination completely wrong (thinks it takes longer than it does).

  3. jako

    Look up waze-qt and start wazing. That way you can change the maps, change the application and heck, check the way you use navigation. Crowdsource it with iOS and Android users!

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