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Firewall+ Pro is a call and sms blocker app.  It was written by Matt Lee or I32606 on the maemo.org forums.  Firewall+ Pro uses blacklists to block calls and whitelists to allow calls to go through.  I tested this in the US for those that want a call blocking app without a restraining order, it works.  The application is written very clearly, there are no lags, or hiccups, it works like a charm.

Before I start off this post, I'd like to write that this app was given to me for free.  I did not pay for it, though I am beta testing newer versions and helping clear up bugs on the app.  Anyone that wants to know that, I am disclosing it now.

I want to start off by saying that the app seems a bit high priced.  At $4.99 usd, that's very pricey for an app, but it's actually not that expensive for what it does.  It has a clean simple interface to use and a very easy set up process.  Let's say you block your Mom's number, (sorry Mom) when your Mom calls she will automatically be sent to your voicemail without any questions asked.  Mom will be none-the-wiser and assume your phone is off.

The app comes with a big list of differences from time based rules to a schedule mode as well.

Let's say you use your phone as your work phone and your personal phone.  Come Friday evening you can set a white list of numbers (these are the allowed numbers) and Firewall+ Pro will accept only calls and texts from those numbers.  Come Monday morning your phone can go back to Normal mode.  Now there is no need to fear as the app remembers all numbers that it blocks calls and sms' from.

If you're like me, you screen calls.  In this day and age I give my phone number out to many people.  That doesn't mean I want them calling me after a few years or something.  Or there was that girl in high school that I dumped for her best friend and she gave my number to everybody to call.  Yeah I had to change my number again.  There was also that stalker.  To avoid all of these problems, I wish I would have had Firewall + Pro.  They would have had no way of getting in contact with me at all.

Having had the app for over a week, I honestly can't find much I'd change with it.  This will be one of my featured apps in my next must have apps list.

Here is the basic info as shown in the Ovi Store:

The basic information as it's shown.

Then when you install it, this is the icon:

Then the loading screen:

Then you get into the app itself, here is the start screen:

Here is a pic of the notification page:

A pic of the profiles page:

Here is a pic of the Schedules page:

Here is a pic of the lockscreen when a call is blocked:

Here is a pic when it blocks a call and sms both:

Notice the blue flag as well.  This also appears on the feeds screen.

This is a picture of the homescreen of the app it has blocked the call and sms:

As I've said numerous times this app is well worth the money.  I plan to buy it for my other N9 as well.

Thank you Matt Lee for such an amazing app.

Download Link Here:

Firewall+ Pro


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I'm a Nokia Enthusiast. I've been involved with Nokia since the N95 days. I have been modding Symbian/Maemo/Meego-Harmattan phones since 2007. My first phone was the N95, how I loved that mistaken flagship of Nokia, what a great piece of technology. Then I moved onto the E66-NAM, it was a small quick phone, but not really memorable. Then came the Samsung I8510 (still symbian) That's where my modding and flashing bug started. I probably flashed that phone over 100 times, I was known as Deroo and was a moderator on the I8510 forums. Then came the N97. I wasn't a fan of that phone. It lasted over a month with me. Then back to the I8510. My next phone was an N900. That's when the modding bug really hit me. I had done so much with Maemo that I was certain that I knew how to deal with it. I ended up moving on for the N8 and it's 12mp camera. Up next was the E7, I had that phone for a month and sold it for next to nothing, it wasn't a bad phone, it just wasn't great either. Now I'm back to the N8 and it's running a custom firmware version of Symbian Belle, I currently only use it as a MP3 player in the gym now. The next step is the N9 and all of my experiences and journey's will be documented on this site. I also have an N950.


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  1. e-d0uble

    Nice application, but when a call comes in from a blocked number the ringer is still activated once. To me, that makes this application useless.

  2. Arie

    That's been fixed in the next version.

  3. e-d0uble

    Is the version in which this problem has been fixed available now or is it _being_ fixed for the next version?

    1. l32606

      Hi e-d0uble,
      I just submitted the v1.1.0 to Store, in which the problem has been fixed. And It should be available after a few days.
      Thank you for your support and any feedback would be appreciated!

      FYI: http://projects.developer.nokia.com/firewallpluspro

  4. ifox

    I just got this app to deal with a exgirlfriend who is in full stalker mode. Here is an interesting thing I noticed. Last night she was calling my phone over and over and then she decided to block the id by probably dialing *67 but heres the thing.. the call blocker caught it and blocked it. WTF?


    1. Arie

      Not that I am sure, but I assume by default it can work as such.

  5. david lyall

    I got my N9 on 20 April. Bought this app. My Pre2 would allow blocking sms but the N9 didn't. Found this and installed. One thing which would be nice is to highlight a number in messages or phone and have a context choice allowing firewall+ to grab that number, go to the F+ screen and enter your rules.

  6. Martin Dude

    I was hoping there would be a mode where the app would first check the whitelist and then the blacklist.
    I was trying to block office calls (number range) on my private N9 with a few exceptions.
    Blacklist: +43676123*
    whitelist: +436761231801
    Any solution for that?

  7. Kingsley

    Is it possible to forward calls to say a voicemail or other number? Can anyone help on this?

    1. Arie

      You can forward it using the settings…
      I supported this app because I need a call blocking app. I have one on my iPhone for just that reason :)
      I had my calls forwarded all to an external voicemail service if that helps…

  8. tony

    is this app good for nkia 920 and how could i download it?

  9. Kingsley

    I just started using N9 and I realised that in the calendar, you can't repeat items bi-weekly. For instance, I receive my pay every two weeks so I would like to set "Pay Day" to recur every two weeks but I cannot do it in N9 though I could do it in the previous nokia versions that I used. Can anybody help how tto go around this or recommend any other calendar software for N9 which can do this for me?

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