Nokia N9: Charging Dock Review

As you may know, there isn’t much in the way of accessories for the Nokia N9, and having a free, good-quality silicone case included in the box is a bonus. There are plenty of other cases available online, including some other snazzier types made by Nokia themselves (CC-3015 for example) but apart from that, there are just loads of car chargers and screen protectors, and I’m not even sure the N9 needs the latter.

Then I came upon this:

It came from China via eBay for just $12 and is most definitely not a genuine Nokia accessory, but it was made for the N9. Basically, it is a classy way to charge your N9 so you can have full view of the screen, instead of it lying down to charge with the regular charging lead.




My N9 fits snug and secure in the well of the dock, and it is held at a good viewing angle. You can then use the microUSB cord in the top of the N9 to charge it, while plugging the USB end into your USB-AC plug. A blue LED indicates the dock has power. Now, while I say you can charge it, (and it says it’s charging on the screen) you can’t access the screen. While this may be down to the fact that I don’t have an official Nokia USA usb/ac adaptor, I might suggest that those guys lucky enough to have the N9 released in their country, should be in a better position to have this work with the included Nokia usb/ac adapter that was shipped with their N9.


Unfortunately this doesn’t work with my MacBook Pro. When the phone is connected to the microUSB and I plug the USB  cord into the Mac, the phone says it’s charging, but ‘Mass Storage’ brings up an error on my Mac’s screen, telling me it doesn’t recognise the disk. Hmm. I then tried ‘Sync and Connect’ to use Nokia Link, but opening Nokia Link didn’t work either.


I didn’t use this with a Windows computer, and my Mac is having trouble booting my Windows partition, but I can assume it won’t work with Windows if it doesn’t work with Mac OS X Lion.

Another problem with it is that the N9 fits snugly, which is great, but only if you either carry your N9 around ‘naked’ or you wouldn’t mind taking the case off each time. There is no way it will fit with the case on.


So, in summary, it’s basically a very nice stand for your N9 to sit in so you can better see you incoming calls, texts or watch your Twitter feed. And it will charge from the wall, but I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to interact with the phone while charging. So, was it worth it? For $12, sure. If I didn’t use a case for my N9, I would use this dock while not charging it, because it just looks good in this position.


But I can’t carry mine around without its case, and I’m not about to take the case off each and every day, so I’m giving it away. Not the N9, the dock! Tell me what you love the most about your N9 on Twitter, and I’ll pick somebody at random and mail it to them (worldwide), totally free! I’m sure someone out there can put this to better use than me, so I’ll let you know who the winner is at the end of May.

Good luck!

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About the author


My name is Andy and like many others, I am a big fan of Nokia phones. Ever since my very first mobile phone I have been loyal to the brand because in my mind, Nokia have consistently produced excellent hardware and easy-to-use software. I tried other brands once or twice and hated it! I am an average user, not an advanced coder or hacker, so my experiences with devices are purely from a regular consumer’s point of view. I am British, but now I live and work in New York. My current Nokia phone is the inestimable Nokia N9, which for me is so wonderful to use, I truly couldn’t imagine using any other phone right now. I was recently asked by Nokia Connects to write an article on why I like the N9 so much, and you can read it here: http://nokiaconnects.com/2012/02/25/andy-hagon-my-amazing-n9/ Follow me on Twitter @N9Andy Cheers, Andy


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  1. Andy Hagon

    Get on Twitter for a chance to win this charging dock!


    Good luck! :)

  2. GOUKI

    VERY stylish!!!

  3. khallil

    The reason your mac is having that error is because the N9 doesn't get enough power from the usb port. I had the same problem but then I bought a external power usb-hub and it works now. Do you know where you can buy the official N9 case from Nokia or something similar?
    I already have 2 different case from ebay but I like the official case.

    1. Arie

      What country are you in, then I can direct you to the right place.

      1. khallil

        I'm from Belgium.

  4. Jack1059

    I just use a $2 business card holder to lay the phone on when charging it. Granted it doesnt hold the phone, but it does put it in a good position to use the night clock app. Shame the charging port isnt handy for a dedicated dock.

  5. Aleve Sicofante

    This dock reveals what's probably the single biggest mistake in the N9's design (I'm tempted to say the only mistake).

    The inability to use docks is bigger than it seems. Docking a phone is almost a requirement for in car use. Using the N9 in a car is very awkward. Non-exposed USB connector is part of the problem, but not the biggest problem. I wonder why they didn't put that connector right in the center of the bottom side. The could've put the audio output grilles to each side of the connector. Instant dockability and no more risk of breaking the delicate USB cover.

  6. Jeff

    I could've sworn there was at least 2x charging devices released by Nokia for the N9.
    Not sure if they allowed for docking of sorts, but they were very different to the one that comes with the N9.

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