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Nokia N9 Refreshing Music Library

I started this over on a post at Talk.Maemo. But, it started getting good as I realized that there are lots of little places in my day where I didn't so much need the mobile as much as I needed me to be ready for what was happening and the mobile would make for a good central box for those activities. Here’s a list of apps/services that I think could be added to the N9 (and dang near any mobile for that matter):

  • Amazon Music (would prefer this to merely be credentials that plug the Music Player right into it)
  • Nokia Music (used and enjoyed the DJ function on a Lumia 900 I owned for a while; this would also be preferred as the Amazon Music just mentioned)
  • LinkedIn (MeeIn is OK, but not fully baked into the OS; missing Activity Stream, ability to share to service, and view/interact with groups) and a few other stream-protected social networking services
  • A whole series of Activity Stream services (ESPN/NFL/NBA/etc scores…) based on just being able to get the OPML (XML-RSS) and customizing when and how it appears on the stream
  • OCR/Business card scanner that is plugged into Camera (put option where stills/video is to do text), and the same with both a QR Code reader and Layar AR Browser plugged into there
  • Loyalty card/payment card section in Accounts that enables/allows for payments based on context or gesture switch (three taps mean I want to make a transaction kind of thing), plugs into the calendar, and learns what you shop for and when but doesn't transmit that to a 3rd party until you click a prompt to do so at the end of each transaction
  • Moodle/Blackboard/WebCT (learning management system) console app (view, edit, manage alerts that hit system level, communications within the network, etc.), or something like a CMS built in that's exposed when the N9 is connected to a device as mass memory or via TV-Out
  • Some integration with the Nike+ Fuel band, Metawatch, Pebble, Fitbit, or Motoactv (or all of them). Doesn't need to have its own app, but would be nice if it connected to Sports Tracker or the (new) MeeRun app and see this on the Activity Stream rather than needing to go into the app when you are on the midst of an activity
  • The music player doesn't have a currently playing applet in the activity stream where the notification area is; thought that this would be there but it is at least useful when the standby screen uses it
  • Gestures: flip to silence/snooze alarms and rings, shake to shuffle, tap the bottom of the device (near the speaker) to mute all audio, slide-tap half the screen up or down to page quickly to top or bottom of a page, and probably a few other ones I've not yet finished thinking about Automated learning (see: Nokia Bots), especially in showing you the contacts you connect with the most and on the apps screen, the apps you use most at the top

I've got to be honest and say that I thought that the N9 would have been further along than it is. Many of the things that I write here are just an evolution of what Nokia and others have already done. I guess that the emotion and pace of developing hasn't kept the light of vision going.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen the work with Inception, Unrestricted System UI, and the many hacks these have spawned. i just think about and expect even more.

Part of that had to be my fault. I'm not really a developer. Yes, I'm making my own RSS reader, and have a knack for doing a bit with web, but I've not really invested into this space the way that I could have. Perhaps the time to change that is now. I see what's happening with BB10 and think N9 owners can ride that wake to die best things. We just need that juice to squeeze out out.

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    1. Antoine

      It's not worked for me. Figured it wasn't there. Will have to pay when my alarm goes off in the morning.

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