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My main N9 apps

After stumbling across Alvin’s excellent post on UnleashThePhones.com, I got thinking about my own Nokia N9 and what I have installed on it. I’ve had my N9 since it arrived in January 2012, bought on New Year’s Eve of 2011. …

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Wazapp Version 0.9.16 released, fixes login issues

It is the end of the world. Wazapp can't log in. Or not so anymore, the new version of Wazapp, the Whatsapp Client for the Nokia N9, 0.9.16, has been released which fixes the login issues that have affected everyone. …

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Working Wazapp Released, 0.9.12. Fixes the "Connecting" issue

Version 0.9.12 of Wazapp has just been released for the Nokia N9. The biggest bugfix that this resolves is the "connecting" message that appears when you start Wazapp. The reason for this latest outage is Whatsapp recently changed their authentication …

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Nokia N9 Weekly News (May 11, 2012)

This is the look I see on Arie now that he has access to the Whatsapp client through Wazapp for the N9. Wazapp: As stated just before this, Arie got his hands on Wazapp and wrote a full post on …

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World First: Wazzap for the Nokia N9

This is another Everythingn9.com world first.  I got my hands on Wazapp, the unofficial Meego-Harmattan Whatsapp client. It works flawlessly and is pretty cool.  It also does everything a basic whatsapp client would do.  There is definitely a lot of …

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Nokia N9 Weekly News (April 20, 2012)

The current frustration with the Lumia 900 Whatsapp: Arie has updated us via tgalal on maemo.org on the current Whatsapp status. His post is here and the video to it here: Developer Mode: Has been updated and has patched the hole inception …

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Nokia N9 – Whatsapp Status

tgalal on the maemo.org forums released a video on youtube of the current whatsapp status. Here is the video link: Enjoy Guys!!!!

Nokia N9 Weekly News (April 13, 2012)

This is exactly how I feel each time I see Arie constantly changing his N9 to his specifications. As always I enjoy poking fun at his antics Overclocking Kernel Module for Nokia N9: New update. There have been reports of …

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Whatsapp being ported to the Nokia N9

As a Nokia N9 owner, one of the biggest inconveniences was the lack of Whatsapp. Many of my friends in the USA, South Africa, UK, and even here in Australia use Whatsapp as a primary form of communication. Being on …

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Ebuddy XMS released for the Nokia N9 and Symbian

If there was one thing that is missing from the Nokia N9, it is a Whatsapp application, or something very close to it. We have been teased with promises of Ebuddy doing a client for the Nokia N9 for a …

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