Why I stopped using the Nokia N9 Part 1

The White N9 the Unicorn we all love


It was a sad day last November when my N9 decided randomly in the middle of a business trip to stop accepting calls.  For me it was the last straw.

Up until then I didn't mind the flaws the N9 had, or it's issues but when I'm on a business trip and I have no access to a computer with my flashing tools or the time to flash it, this causes a major problem.

I am still to this day heartbroken when I see an N9.

I was in love with the N9, if not one of it's loudest supporters.  Now I just look at it and shake my head in shame.

The N9 is the most beautiful device I've ever held.  I'm holding one right now as I type this.  I have an iphone 5, sgs3, and the n9 next to me.  The beauty of the N9 outshines both.  It's a gorgeous device, aesthetically.

Turn on the N9 and the beautiful homescreen comes up.   You swipe right to the multitasking screen and left to go to the feeds screen.  The phone is more than a smartphone.  It's a beautiful phone, put together with the utmost care and attention to detail.

That day the N9 stopped taking calls was the last one for me.

I decided then and there to move on.

I then spent the next month or so debating what my next phone would be.

I still carried my N9 with me but there were no tweaks on it so I could make calls and receive texts only.

The N9's attention to detail is amazing.  I can't say that enough.

Everyone that owns an N9 knows that when it works, it works really well, when it doesn't well it's a nightmare.


Till part 2…


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I'm a Nokia Enthusiast. I've been involved with Nokia since the N95 days. I have been modding Symbian/Maemo/Meego-Harmattan phones since 2007. My first phone was the N95, how I loved that mistaken flagship of Nokia, what a great piece of technology. Then I moved onto the E66-NAM, it was a small quick phone, but not really memorable. Then came the Samsung I8510 (still symbian) That's where my modding and flashing bug started. I probably flashed that phone over 100 times, I was known as Deroo and was a moderator on the I8510 forums. Then came the N97. I wasn't a fan of that phone. It lasted over a month with me. Then back to the I8510. My next phone was an N900. That's when the modding bug really hit me. I had done so much with Maemo that I was certain that I knew how to deal with it. I ended up moving on for the N8 and it's 12mp camera. Up next was the E7, I had that phone for a month and sold it for next to nothing, it wasn't a bad phone, it just wasn't great either. Now I'm back to the N8 and it's running a custom firmware version of Symbian Belle, I currently only use it as a MP3 player in the gym now. The next step is the N9 and all of my experiences and journey's will be documented on this site. I also have an N950.


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  1. TheRAJN9

    oh its so sad man, esp after hearing it from u. But i can very well understand ur plight. But seeing u still holding on to it shows how great N9 is n willl be.

  2. Win7Mac

    ever tried to figure out what was the cause?
    probably over-tweaked?

  3. Ning

    Still miss my N9. It is the most beautiful well-designed device.
    But I am a happy owner of Samsung Note 2 now. I can put up with Note 2's design flaws.

  4. akuma

    Buuuuu……. U should have taked more care of it and it wouldn't fail on you xD
    good luck with ifone

  5. Anthony

    Waiting for pt.2……………no reasons left? ; ))

  6. sri

    About to buy this mobile, but found this blog
    Waiting for part 2………………….

  7. Gmnk

    Hey there,
    waiting for pt.2. Hope that there will be "But…"

  8. Johan NL

    Waiting for part 2…and Sailfish!

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